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Estate Planning  Trusts / Wills

The most common questions from clients are: What is a will? What is a Trust? How can these documents work for me and my family?

Our office sits down with clients to discuss at length their personal requirements and to make recommendations for the estate planning documents that best suit the needs of their family. Our documents are not just simply boilerplate legal language, our office takes the time to listen to the needs of each individual client and craft estate planning documents to honor their wishes.


We can discuss the need for a power of attorney, advanced health care directive, directive to physicians and other important documents that help you organize your instructions for end of life care, and to give you a voice as you face difficult medical decisions.

The estate planning documents that we prepare will include instructions for the transfer of title of real estate, investments and bank accounts. We will help you to understand the importance of the ownership of these assets to help protect what you have worked a lifetime to obtain.

Our clients go home with a complete estate planning portfolio contained in an organized permanent record. This helps facilitate management of your documents and the communication of your final wishes.

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